True Levy Services

Billing/Mailing --  Because you're not a mailman.

Let us utilize our technological expertise - as well as our extensive relationships with printing houses - to save you time and money on your collections billing. We'll take your billing data, create the mailers, and send them out for you. Because you're not a mailman.

True Levy Collections - Billing & Mailing

Database Integration --  Because sharing is nice.

True Levy Collections - Database Integration

So you're ready to make the move to a new system, but not sure how to get everything out of your old system? Give us a call and let us do the legwork for you. Our programming experts know just how to make your existing data work with your new program. Because sharing is nice.

Training --  Because knowledge is power.

True Levy Collections - Training

A computer program is only as strong as the person using it. Since you want your experience with TLC to be the best that it can be, we provide customized, comprehensive online and onsite training programs to ensure your knowledge of our product is as complete as the software itself. Because knowledge is power.

Ongoing Support --  Because we all need a helping hand now and then.

At Box Lake Networks, we understand that during the course of business, things are going to happen. That is why we have dedicated professionals on staff to take care of all your technology-related needs. Whether it's a software question or a downed server, our team is here to help. Because we all need a helping hand now and then.

True Levy Collections - Ongoing Support

Customization --  Because you already have enough to do.

True Levy Collections - Customization

Need your software to do something that it can't? Have a problem for which you can't find a solution? Let Box Lake Networks customize a software application to make your job - and your life - easier. From simple programming to complex web-software integration, we can do it all for you. Because you already have enough to do.