True Levy Assessments© --  When you don't want to be all over the map.

Our True Levy Assessments (TLA) software application helps your Property Valuation Administrator or other responsible party to maintain and organize information associated with each property parcel. The database function maintains owner information, mailing address, legal description, property class, and assessed value. From this information, you can derive assessment rolls with each property and its total assessed, exempt and net taxable values.

When you don't want to be all over the map
  • Allow inspectors to gather and enter information directly from the field through a handheld or laptop computer
  • Integrate fully with GIS data for your area
  • Maintain complete valuation data for each property record
  • Apply a name or address change to multiple property records
  • Print the valuation statement of assessed values by classification for a municipality, school district, or special district