True Levy Collections© --  When "close enough for government work" just won't cut it.

Close enough for government work just won't cut it.

Our True Levy Collections (TLC) software suite offers your tax-collecting personnel an easy approach to control and monitor tax monies through the collection process. TLC calculates tax rates to include discounts, interest, penalties, delinquencies, and exonerations. Numerous management reports are also provided to give you the flexibility to maintain tax data and payments on the Web. The TLC suite is comprised of the following three components:

True Levy Collecting --  Even Rome can be billed in a day.

  • Allow access to tax data by billing number, owner name, property address, account number, map number, and more
  • Filter results by paid or unpaid bills
  • Update property information, billing addresses, and take comprehensive notes on the account
  • Customize the software to process information in the way that best fits your needs
Even Rome can be billed in a day.

True Levy Cashiering --  Will that be paper or plastic?

Will that be paper or plastic
  • Use unlimited workstations at the same time to post payments while the system tracks cash, check, and credit card information by batch, clerk, and cash drawer
  • Equip your workstations with bar-code scanners, check/credit card readers, cash drawers, and local printers for increased efficiency and reduced errors
  • Print receipts and billing statements on-demand
  • Balance payments against your General Ledger to eliminate errors caused by manual data entry

True Levy Reporting --  There are two things that are certain in life -- be certain about one of them.

There are two things that are certain in life -- be certain about one of them
  • Generate and print reports in numerous ways to meet your individual needs
  • Use pre-established reports for: original certification, delinquency, daily usage, monthly distributions to districts, and more
  • Recap any time period and track the flow of collections throughout the year
  • Link with your third-party reporting software for infinite customization of reports