True Levy Online© --  Catch your taxes with the 'Net.

With the advent of the Internet - and all the conveniences it affords - today's public demands fast and easy access to their tax information. To meet this demand, government institutions find ways to adopt their traditional policies and practices to work through the Internet.

To this end, Box Lake Networks has created True Levy Online (TLO). TLO provides taxpayers a convenient and easy-to-use Web portal with instant access to current and previous years' property tax information and payment options. This portal gives taxpayers the convenience they want while increasing the efficiency of the collecting agency.

Catch your taxes with the 'Net

  • Tax payers use the easy-to-understand web interface to perform searches on items such as:
    tax payer's name, property address, map number, and account number
  • Tax payers enter tax payments online for current and/or prior years with automatic interest calculation and creation of receipts
  • Mortgage companies group bills for easier payment transfers and pay-by-check processing
  • Accept credit cards, debit cards, or electronic checks for payment and automatically add appropriate convenience fees